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8 Sep 2015

Wallace Family - USA "Simply brilliant touring and memories still go on"

Ann-Marie, the amazing time we had with you while in Cape Town was simply so memorable. You couldn't have chosen better places to really showcase the incredible beauty and offerings that your wonderful city has. We loved every moment of...read more

27 Feb 2015

Sally & Jo - UK "Couldn't have wished for a better day"

Thanks Ann-Marie! You really showed us how a professional trip to the wine country should be. The places you showed us we would never have discovered without you. The incredible wines that were tasted and most beautiful of places that...read more

4 Aug 2013

Eileen N - Arizona, US "A song for Ann-Marie"

  Dear Ann Marie, You picked us up in Cape Town, eager to be our guide; You took us 'round the city and through the countryside, From 9AM to 5 o'clock,  you helped us find our way, So many great experiences each and every  day!   The...read more

25 Oct 2012

Lynne L - Phoenix, US "A taste of beauty with Ann-Marie"

Don't even think about going to Cape Town without contacting Taste the Cape Tours and it's owner-guide Ann Marie. My friend and I made all of our arrangements from the US, via email. I used Tripadvisor.com and ruled...read more

6 Mar 2012

John C - Los Angeles "Don't leave home without her"

I cannot fully score exceptionalism. Ann-Marie demonstrates a skill set not just for Cape Town, but for all things Africa. For Cape Town, it's bicycling through Cape Town or taking a walking cultural tour; or a memorable full day through...read more

1 Feb 2012

The California Soul Gypsies tour -

Your offerings have been superb, the tour was varied interesting and delicious. With great appreciation and thanks. Maggie. Your gourmet tour has been delightful and exceeded my expectations. Thank you for sharing your love of this beautiful country. Karen. You...read more

1 Feb 2012

B Palmer UK

This wonderful day out with Ann-Marie was designed in conjunction with my family in Cape Town especially to meet my interests . It was a delightful day and very well planned. The itinerary included a variety of attrations around the...read more

1 Oct 2011

The Wanderers - Australia

Took two fantastic day tours with Taste the Cape Travel and Tours and had a ball. Ann-Marie, the guide and owner took us up to the west coast where we tasted wines, saw incredible flowers and had a lovely fish...read more

18 Feb 2011

From the Food Recipe Revolution team - review

Getting out of bed early on a Sunday morning is not the norm for us, but we rose with the sparrows to be taken on another wonderful Mystery Tour of the winelands with Ann-Marie Breen from Taste the Cape.  Ann-Marie...read more

15 Jan 2011

Jacque and guests - Review

Apart from all the cooking at home, we have had the privilege to be taken on another 'Mystery Tour' by Ann-Marie Breen from Taste the Cape Travel and Tours.  Our itinerary was perfectly designed to educate, entertain and delight all...read more

3 Dec 2010

Christopher and Michel - review

Dear Ann- Marie   Thank you so much.   The day spent with you was magical, and we still think that the game drive was the best. Simon the guide radiated the care and concern that he has for the...read more

8 Nov 2010

Marc Bovim - review

Over the Heritage weekend I went on a 'mystery' tour of the wine lands in the capable hands of Ann-Marie , our tour guide of Taste the Cape Travels and Tours. Ann-Marie has established a small tour operation to cater...read more